Hyundai Accent Owners Manual

Power windows
Features of your vehicle / Windows / Power windows

  • The ignition switch must be in the ON position for power windows to operate. Each door has a power window switch that controls that door's window. The driver has a power window lock switch which can block the operation of passenger windows. The drivers door has a master power window switch that controls all the windows in the vehicle.
  • The power windows can be operated for approximately 30 seconds after the ignition key is removed or turned to the ACC or LOCK position. However, if the front doors open, the power windows cannot be operated within the 30 second period (if equipped : remote keyless entry system).

Hyundai Accent: Power windows. NOTICE NOTICE

While driving with the rear windows down or with the sunroof (if equipped) in an open (or partially open) position, your vehicle may demonstrate a wind buffeting or pulsation noise. This noise is a normal occurrence and can be reduced or eliminated by taking the following actions. If the noise occurs with one or both of the rear windows down, partially lower both front windows approximately one inch. If you experience the noise with the sunroof open, slightly reduce the size of the sunroof opening.

Hyundai Accent: Power windows. Window opening and closing

Window opening and closing

To open or close a window, press down or pull up the front portion of the corresponding switch to the first detent position (5).

Hyundai Accent: Power windows. Auto down window (if equipped) (drivers window)

Auto down window (if equipped) (drivers window)

Pressing the power window switch momentarily to the second detent position (6) completely lowers the drivers window even when the switch is released. To stop the window at the desired position while the window is in operation, momentarily pull the switch in the direction opposite of the window movement.

Hyundai Accent: Power windows. Power window lock button

Power window lock button

  • The driver can disable the power window switches on all front and rear passenger doors by pressing the power window lock button located on the drivers door to the LOCK position (pressed).
  • When the power window lock button is in the LOCK position (pressed), the drivers master control cannot operate the front and rear passenger door power windows.

Hyundai Accent: Power windows. CAUTION CAUTION

  • To prevent possible damage to the power window system, do not open or close two windows or more at the same time. This will also ensure the longevity of the fuse.
  • Never try to operate the main switch on the driver's door and the individual door window switch in opposing directions at the same time. If this is done, the window will stop and cannot be opened or closed.

Hyundai Accent: Power windows. WARNING - Windows WARNING - Windows

  • NEVER leave the ignition key in the vehicle.
  • NEVER leave any child unattended in the vehicle. Even very young children may inadvertently cause the vehicle to move, entangle themselves in the windows, or otherwise injure themselves or others.
  • Always double check to make sure all arms, hands, head and other obstructions are safely out of the way before closing a window.
  • Do not allow children to play with the power windows. Keep the drivers door power window lock switch in the LOCK position (depressed). Serious injury can result from unintentional window operation by the child.
  • Do not extend any head or arms outside through the window opening while driving.

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